Lingaia Continent (LMV01)

A collection of all the relevant and named locations appearing in "Lingaia" which is the name of the continent where the Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! series takes place.

Helmut KingdomEdit

The kingdom the Baumeister territory belongs to.


The margraviate at the southern border of the Helmut Kingdom. Close to the Baumeister knight territory.


The seat of the Margrave Breithilde and biggest city in the south of Helmut kingdom.


The margraviate at the western border of the Helmut Kingdom.


The margraviate at the eastern border of the Helmut Kingdom.


The royal capital of Helmut kingdom.

Demon ForestEdit

The monster domain is adjacent to the Baumeister territory.

Savage LandsEdit

The uninhabited lands south of the Baumeister territory where Wendelin explored and hunted in his childhood.

Palkenia GrasslandsEdit

Liberated monster domain. Grain-producing area close to Stadtburg.

Parquenia MeadowsEdit

Ancient Ruins

Urquhart Holy EmpireEdit

The neighboring empire north of the Helmut Kingdom.


The imperial capital of the Urquhart Holy Empire.

Giganto CreviceEdit

Köln CathedralEdit

Tourist destination

Potomac WaterwayEdit

Tourist destination

Phillip PrinicpalityEdit

The territory of Duchess Teresa Phillip located in the north of the Holy Empire. Philip Principality's main produces are wheat, potatoes, and seafood. It’s also prosperous with many metal processing industries such as mines.

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