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A collection of all the relevant and named locations appearing in "Lingaia" which is the name of the continent where the Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! series takes place.

Helmut Kingdom

The Helmut Kingdom is one of two countries found within the continent of Lingaia and is ruled by King Helmut. The kingdom makes up the southern half of the continent.


The dukedom at the southern border of the Helmut Kingdom where the Baumeister Knighthood resides.


The Baumeister Knighthood is a territory consisting of three small villages that resides within the Duchy of Bleichröder territory, on the southern edge of the Helmut Kingdom, south of the town of Breitburg.


The seat of the Duchy of Bleichröder and biggest town in the south of the Helmut Kingdom. The Adventurer's Academy resides within the town.


The margraviate at the western border of the Helmut Kingdom.


The margraviate at the eastern border of the Helmut Kingdom.


The royal capital of Helmut Kingdom.

Enchanted Forest

The monster domain is adjacent to the Baumeister territory.

Savage Lands

The uninhabited lands south of the Baumeister territory where Wendelin explored and hunted in his childhood.

Palkenia Grasslands

Liberated monster domain. It was previously the home of a large dragon, but after a subjugation force led by Wendelin Baumeister, Klimt Kristoff von Armstrong, and Brantark Ringstat destroyed the dragon and the other surrounding monsters, it turned into a major grain-producing area close to Stadtburg.

Parquenia Meadows

Ancient Ruins

Rigdie Mountain Range

A series of mountains located in the south of the Helmut Kindgom, lying between the town of Breitburg and the Baumeister Knighthood territory.

Urquhart Holy Empire

The Urquhart Holy Empire is one of two countries found within the continent of Lingaia. The empire makes up the northern half of the continent.


The imperial capital of the Urquhart Holy Empire.

Giganto Crevice

A very large cavern that naturally separates the Empire from the Kingdom to its south, though in the past both nations have tried to control territory on the other nation's side.

It is later revealed that the cavern was artificially created in an accidental magic explosion caused by experiments being conducted by the Ancient Magic Civilization. This incident was also what led to the downfall of that civilization.

Köln Cathedral

Tourist destination

Potomac Waterway

Tourist destination

Duchy of Phillip

The territory of Duchess Teresa Phillip located in the northern part of the Holy Empire. The Philip Duchy's main products are wheat, potatoes, and seafood. It’s also prosperous with many metal processing industries such as mines.

Mizuho Country

An independently-governing territory just south of the Duchy of Philip. The territory of Mizuho appears distinctly Japanese (pre-Edo) in character, both in the appearance of its people and the culture/customs present. They are far more advanced in magic technology -- especially weapons -- than any other part of the empire.

Because the Empire has tried and failed several times to subjugate the Mizuho people and territory, an eventual peace was achieved by one emperor allowing them to be a completely autonomous region within the empire, and in turn for not contesting the status, having its leader granted the recognition and corresponding title of High Earl.

Following the Empire Rebellion Arc, and in exchange for the notable military service of the Mizuho army as part of Duchess Philip's liberation army, the Mizuho Country is updated to a Duchy and its leader made a Duke and Prince Elector, though the Duke insists the territory will continue to act autonomously and will neither nominate a prince elector to become a future emperor nor participate in the voting process.

Duchy of Nurnberg

The territory of the Duke of Nurnberg, an authoritarian and militaristic leader who leads a rebellion against the empire when he fails the election to become the new emperor. It lies in the southern section of the empire, with some of its border being along the Giganto Crevice.



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