Louise Yorande Aorelia Oufelbeik


Louise is a young girl with chin/neck-length blue hair and ocean blue eyes. She is also one of the shortest girls in the story even after the time skip. Her facial features and expressions give her a sort of chipmunk-like appearance overall.


Louise is very energetic. She's also obsessed with becoming Bell's wife. Louise tries to make it through any difficult situation she gets herself in so she can live to see her wedding day.

She is also very mischievous, being able to swindle a large group of men out of their money and getting away without being noticed and being able to convince Ina to conduct very erotic and embarrassing things

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Background Edit

She was born into a family that teaches a martial art capable of converting Mana directly into physical prowess. Due to her excessive mana capacity compared to those around her, she was kicked out of the family and aimed to become an adventurer.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Her mana capacity is comparable to Armstrong and is capable of using the same close quarter physical techniques he is.

Magic Edit

  • Original Self-Healing Spell
    • Meditation
    • Body Enhancement
    • Magical Mobile Armour
    • High Speed Fly
    • After Shock Wave

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Wendelin von Benno BaumeisterEdit

Louse was Bell's party member later wife.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the upcoming anime version of the series, Louise's character has possibly been changed to make her the joke character of the series.

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