Magic in the world of Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!.

Detection MagicEdit

Detection Magic is said to be an essential type of magic for hunting. It's used to search for anything in the user's direct vicinity. Depending on the user's magic capacity and proficiency the range of the magic could be considerably increased.

Elemental MagicEdit

  • Earth Magic
    • Mud Magical Wall
    • Stone Sword
  • Fire Magic
    • Fire Sword
  • Holy Magic
    • Holy Light
    • Purify Area
    • Holy Barrier
  • Ice Magic
    • Ice Sword
  • Water Magic
  • Wind Magic
    • Wind Sword
    • Wind Barrier
    • Cutter Tornado
  • Flying Magic
    • High Speed Flying

Magic EnhancingEdit

  • Boost
  • Physical Enhancement
  • Magical Mobile Armour

Defensive MagicEdit

  • Magic Barrier
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