Takeomi Fujibayashi is an expert samurai swordsman and member of the Battou unit, elite fighters of Earl Mizuho, in the Holy Empire Urquhart.

He is also an overbearing and overprotective "sis-con" regarding any matters involving his little sister, Haruka.

Appearance Edit

Takeomi has a tall, slender frame and long black hair, which he keeps in a high ponytail. Like every citizen of the Mizuho territory, he is described as having a very conventionally Japanese look.

All members of the Battou unit wear a samurai-style hakama (pleated combat skirt) over a traditional hakama-shita kimono (a short version of a kimono robe designed to be tucked in to the hakama), a spaulder on the left shoulder, and carry three weapons: a traditional katana and wakizashi close to the waist, as well as a "Magic Katana" hanging below that.

Personality Edit

Due in large part to his duties, he is quiet most of the time. However, whenever the issue of his sister comes up, he is incredibly combative and inflexible, trying hard to protect her from all possible external forces. Due to this, he is considered an archetypal "sis-con."

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Background Edit

Takeomi is the middle child of three, and only son, of a low-level (unranked) hereditary retainer in the Earl Mizuho territory of the Holy Empire Urquhart. His older sister has married and started a family. He and his younger sister became members of Earl Mizuho's Battou unit, rising in stature due to their exceptional swordsmanship skills.

Abilities & Powers Edit

  • Expert Swoardsmanship
  • Magic Attacks (channeled through his magic katana)

Relationships Edit

Erwin von Armin Edit

He strongly distrusts Erwin due to the clearly-developing feelings he has for her and his protective nature of her. Eventually he is forced to allow Erwin to become Haruka's fiance, though he still doesn't like it.

Haruka Fujibayashi Edit

Haruka is his younger Sister, about whom he is overly protective.

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