Wendelin von Benno Baumeister is the main protagonist of Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! He is a high ranking noble and, depending on the adaptation of the series, is either a count (anime) or a margrave (current light novel) in the Helmut Kingdom. Wend is the 8th son of the Baumeister family, however he was given his own separate family line when he was granted his own title.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shingo Ichinomiya[edit | edit source]

In Wendelin's previous life, he was Shingo Ichinomiya who had rather lean body build. He had medium length, brown hair, and brown eyes. He wore a rather simple business attire, donning an open gray suit jacket with a white button collared shirt underneath accoutering a blue necktie.

6-year-old Wendelin[edit | edit source]

As an child, Wendelin had a more youthful appearance and a more innocent personality. As he retains the normal hue if not in a lighter shade of brown hair and eyes. For a brief moment during the ceremony held in honor for his eldest brother Kurt Baumeister's wedding, Wendelin is seen in noble finery, including a red vest overtop a cream Victorian dress shirt with red trim at the cuffs and a heather purple cravat and brown trousers. Afterwards, he is seen wearing a more casual wear befitting of his family's financial status: a white Victorian dress shirt with orange trim at the cuff and a cream cravat paired with cedar brown trousers.

13-year-old Wendelin[edit | edit source]

As times passes, Wend achieves an average height with a slim body--likely due to years of vigorous training. While attending the Adventurers Academy, he wears a white Victorian dress shirt with a belt, discarding the cravat for a blue cape with lighter accents at the ends. Under his cape he wears brown armour on his left side. He also wears blue slacks and brown ankle-length Chelsea boots which he wears with silver greaves. On his right shoulder, he wears a golden pauldron in the shape of a knight's helmet, and brown gloves. When he is given the title of baronet, he swaps out his original cape and pauldron for a blue hooded cape decorated with golden jewels and a green gem in the center and a silver pauldron.

18-year-old Wendelin[edit | edit source]

At this age, Wend has already been an adult for three years, as the kingdom's legal age for an adult is 15. He wears a magician's uniform similar to that of his mentor, Alfred Reinford, but with a few slight differences. He wears a dark-colored cape, a white dress shirt, gloves, dark pants, greaves with poleyn, and boots. On his left shoulder, he also wears a three-pronged pauldron..

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wendelin is shown to be a kind, modest and compassionate boy towards others, although Wendelin seems simple on the surface, he has many different aspects to his personality. Despite Wendelins extreme magical talent and knowledge he is very humble about his abilities and does not show any signs of arrogance or inflated ego, which serve as proof for his kind nature. Wendelin has shown that despite being in a new world he is still a Japanese man at heart and has a strong desire for finding, processing, and recreating foods from his previous world, spending the vast majority of his time doing so on his adventures. However he is also quite pliable to pressure from others, bordering on receiving the nickname yes-man. He also prefers to handle situations intelligently and think things through rather than use force to get what he wants and has also shown to be able to keep a calm and level head in most situations in which he rarely panics, such is displayed when he first woke up as Wendelin and was able to keep his composure despite his initial confusion. He is also shown to be very adaptable and adjusts to new situations rather quickly, this trait is shown several times throughout the anime.

He is also quite the pervert, often "accidentally" walking into the girls getting changed and spending a significant amount of time being "surprised" at the sight of his wives' and fiancées' naked bodies.

But he is also quite the schemer, having on several occasions plotted his way to victory and always mentions his approval of Louise's schemes.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Shingo Ichinomiya was a young and single 25 years old blue-collar company worker, living in Japan. One day after a long day at work, he falls asleep at his dining table, just after cooking his supper. However, when he awakes, he is sitting at a table, inside a room, completely foreign to him.

From there he discovers that he was transported into the body of a five year old boy. Ichinomiya learns that his Wendlin Baumeister and he is part of one of the poorest noble families in the kingdom. His future and financial short comings were compounded by the fact he was born as the 8th son of the current lord of a backwater territory, and thus, will not be inheriting the family title or land. While his future seemed bleak, he soon discovers that he has a high aptitude for magic, which is considered a rare trait throughout the entire kingdom. Several years later, Wend sets off to on an adventure of self-discovery as well as to create a brighter future for himself.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister (kid)

Immediately after Wend's magic powers awaken, Alfred Reinford, who has been living in the Enchanted Forest for several years, detects his magic. As Wend was picking up firewood for his family near by the forest, Alfred confronts him and tells Wend that he has spent years searching for someone as magically powerful as he is, to take on as a disciple, and to pass all of his knowledge and wisdom to. Wend agrees and the two of them work together to keep his training a secret from his family, as to not create a power struggle with his older brother, Kurt Baumeister, over their family's inheritance.

Over the course of a few weeks, Alfred teaches Wend the ways of magic, and he was extremely surprised at how quickly Wend is progressing. At this point, Alfred tells Wend that he had nothing more to teach him, but Wend already knew that something was wrong with his master. Alfred confirms to Wend, that he is a Whispering Dead, and that he had actually died, five years ago, while on a mission for Duke Bleichröder's father, to clear the Enchanted Forest of its monstrous inhabitants. After Alfred died, he clung to the land of the living in order to fulfill his wish of meeting and passing on his magic to his disciple. He confirms that he will soon turn into an undead zombie and will lose all sense of his humanity. He pleads to Wend to use holy magic to purge him to prevent this transformation, thus freeing him from his purgatory, and giving him peace. With a heavy heart, Wend grants his master's final wish and purges his spirit. Alfred leaves behind his magic bag as a final gift to Wend.

Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister (Adventurer)

Almost seven years later, at the age of 12, Wend receives a scholarship to train and study at the Adventurer's Academy in the town of Breitburg. He leaves the Baumeister family in order to create a better life for himself. During his first day at the academy, Wend was finding it very difficult to make friends, as he had spent the past seven years to the study of magic, and had virtually lost all social skills in the process. Even during meal time at the academy's mess hall, Wend is sitting at a table by himself, and feeling ostracized from the other students in his class. Unbeknownst to him, his classmates were actually hesitant to approach him due to their own insecurities. His classmates learned that he was the only magic user to have received a scholarship this academic year. They also learned that the magic instructor at the academy had nothing to teach him, as his magic and power was already on par with top-class adventurers. They all believed that the reason Wend sits by himself is because he was evaluating them to see who was worthy enough to be in his party. They also believed that anyone who was his party-member would have been set for life as an adventurer, as parties usually stick together after graduation.

As days past, many students started giving up partying with Wend, as he is easily able to supplement his income by hunting for wild game, by himself. While other parties would bring back a kill or two, Wend would bring back almost a dozen or more kills by himself. The students became disheartened as they began to think that they would not live up to Wend's expectations. While Wend was earning a lot of money, his social woes were getting worse each passing day. While other students gave up, Erwin, Louise and Iina, who were already in a party together, continued with their quest to impress Wend, and went out hunting for bigger game.

One day, as Wend was on a hunt, he came across the three as they were being overwhelmed by a large pack of wolves. Wend rescues them with a single spell. When they all returned to the academy, the three apologized to Wend for causing him trouble but state that they will continue to work hard to one day earn his recognition. Wend, finally realizing that he was not being shunned by his peers, quickly tries to befriend them, but they were interrupted by one of their instructors telling them that the entire scholarship class was invited to a party hosted by Duke Bleichröder. However, the party is actually a ruse for the Duke to meet Wend. While at the party, Bleichröder introduces himself to Wend and requests to speak with him in private, but, to Erwin, Louise and Iina's surprise, Wend requests for them to attend the private meeting, and introduces them as his party members.

Duke Bleichröder escorts the four of them to a private room in his mansion where they are introduced to Brantark Ringstat, Bleichröder's court magician. Bleichröder informs Wend that Brantark was also the mentor to his former court magician, Alfred Reinford. Ever since Alfred had died, Brantark has been keeping tabs of his former disciple, as he is able to track a person's magic over great distances, once he has met them. Brantark tells Wend that he knew of Alfred's regret, that kept him tied to the land of the living, and that he felt Alfred's spirit disappear from the Enchanted Forest, seven years prior. Wends confirms to Brantark and Bleichröder that he is indeed Alfred's disciple. Brantark is grateful that Wend was able to give Alfred a peaceful end.

At the end of their meeting, Wend informs Bleichröder and Brantark, that the magic bag given to him by Alfred, contained the supplies and personal affects of the 2,000 men who lost their lives during the expedition, 12 years ago, and that he wanted to return the items to the Bleichröder estate. As Wend and his friends were about to leave, Bleichröder informs Wend that there is a reward for returning the items of the 2,000 men. Bleichröder gives Wend, 20% of the items' value, working out to 1,000 gold coins (equivalent to roughly one billion Japanese yen). Brantark also informs Wend that Alfred had no heirs, and as his disciple, he has inherited Alfred's estate.

Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister (Honorary Count)

During the academy's summer break, Wend and his party take a passenger airship to the capital to attend his brother, Erich's wedding. Brantark is also flying to the capital to give the kingdom an update of the Bleichröder domain. As they were discussing their plans while at the capital, the airship is attacked by an undead ancient bone dragon. While Brantark focused his magic to protect the airship, Wend is sent out to engage the dragon. Using his flying and speed boost magic, Wend outmaneuvers the dragon, until he was also to imbue a powerful holy magic onto it, purging it of its dark spirit. Wend quickly collects the defeated dragon's bones and large magic stone into his magic bag, at the request of Brantark.

Upon arriving at the capital, Wend's party is met by Commander Warren, who escorts Wend to the castle to meet with the king. Brantark ask his old adventure party member Aruterio, who was also onboard the airship, to be Wend's guide and advisor, while Wend is at the castle. Once there, the king awards Wend the twin dragon medal for slaying the bone dragon and saving the airship. The king also bestows upon Wend the noble rank of baronet and the right to his own separate family order. While still before the king, Wend gets his first taste of noble politics as Lord Marshall Edgar and Lord Commissioner Rüchner quarrel over Wend's compensation from the kingdom, for the purchase of the dragon's bones and magic stone, as each try to appeal to Wend for their own political gain. Wend tries to get a word in, but they keep cutting him off. It wasn't until Cardinal Hohenheim intervenes and offers a compromise of 150,000 gold coins, as he too tries to influence Wend. As they leave the castle, Aruterio explains that now that Wend is a noble and a popular hero, he will constantly be chased by mercenaries wanting to become his retainer, as well as rich merchants will be begging for him to marry their daughters. At that moment, Wend realizes that he will never be able to go around to markets and towns the same way again.

Abilities & Powers[edit | edit source]

Magic Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister (Magic Circle)

Wend has an unimaginable talent for magic. He is shown to have more magic capacity than his master, Alfred Reinford. After training with his master, he has shown considerable knowledge and power in a variety of spells. Every type of magic has a different Color. Wind magic is green, holy magic is white, earth magic is light pink, fire magic is light orange, ice/water magic is light blue and dark magic is Purple.

  • (Magic Proficiency is effectively identical to its predecessor, Magic Resistance Mastery with the sole difference to master any form of magic spell for the user. It is a series of 6 element attributes (Fire. Ice, Earth, Wind, Holy and Dark). One for each Magic spell damage type, that scale with the User as they progress. When the user deals damage of a certain type, their Magic proficiency with that type increases. Once they hit certain amounts of Magic points, they will level up or gain several small buffs, which vary depending on the type of magic spell that the user use). (Mage: Magic Damage, Magic Crit Chance, Mana Cost Reduction/ Ranged: Ranged Damage, Ranged Crit Chance, Movement Speed/ Melee: Melee Damage, Melee Crit Chance, Melee Speed).
  • Immense Mana - with great magic power comes great respon.. I mean capacity. This is very much true for Wend as starting off training, he already has higher magic capacity than his Master. At 12 years old, his mana has grown to where on the way to the capital for his brother's wedding, he could cast flight magic, barrier magic, and holy magic at the same time, thus beating the Ancient Undead Dragon. At the Empire's Rebellion, his mana grew even more to the point where he can multi cast magic, fight for around 3 days, and after the battle with his possessed master, still have enough magic power to destroy a city. Currently, his mana is still growing and has yet to show signs of stopping. After the Empire Rebellion, he has the highest magic capacity in the Lingaea Continent. His mana is now comparable to the Demons (the top race in this world with the highest magic capacities).
  • Immense Magic Power - Ever since training with his master, his magic has grown to be extremely powerful. Having aptitude in all elements and capable of casting multiple types of magic in one go. He was also able to beat out his future wives Katharina while hunting and Lisa the Blizzard while he was using her specialty, Ice Magic, and its strongest move, Absolute Zero.
  • Holy (Holy Attribute): The “holy attribute” can heal things like curse and injury releasing rays of magic power, they also can bless the weapon to be able defeat ghost and Spectre. Summon “holy light” to destroy many undead in a wide range.

Weapon Proficiency[edit | edit source]

He was seen carrying a sword and using a bow, but he is not good at using either weapons without using body enhancement magic first. Users are able to demonstrate an aptitude for the ways of the staff, being able to wield a staff with great proficiency and skill for close quarter combat purposes that can be used to their advantages.

If the staff possesses magical properties users channel/harness arcane energies/magic for conjuring spells, incantations and fight against mythical repelling their magical powers.

  • The power to possess the skills to wield a staff or wand.

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Already having lived 32 years (despite his appearance) and holding the knowledge of his previous world, others consider him quite intelligent.

  • the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. (a person or being with the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.)
  • the collection of information of military or political value.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alfred Reinford[edit | edit source]

Alfred was Wend's magic teacher. They have a good relationship. Wend was very grateful to Alfred for teaching him magic and was sad that he had to purge his master.

Erwin von Arnim[edit | edit source]

Erwin was Wend's party member, later became his retainer.

Elise Katharina von Hohenheim[edit | edit source]

Elise was a member of Wend's party, later legal first wife. At first, he got engaged to her after the thought of her grandfather, the cardinal of the church, was making fun of an engagement.

Initially, Wendelin was afraid of this idea, but a date with her changed his mind.

Elise is Wendelin's greatest support. She accompanies him everywhere and always stands by his side both on the battlefield and outside. Elise always cooks with love for her beloved and they often go on dates.

Ever since coming to the Empire, she has become possessive of Wendelin ,getting jealous during the time Duchess Therese (future mistress) kept on clinging to him. She has also been affectionately calling him 'Dear' ever since.

She is the first to give birth to Wend's son, who is the father's successor as the head of the family.

Wilmal Etol von Asgahan[edit | edit source]

Wilmal was Wend's party member. He was initially trying to avoid her because she was quite literally pushed on to him by one of his noble patrons as an attendant. However, after a fishing trip alone with her and actively helping get the food she needed to survive, he starts to take a liking to her and officially accepts her as a wife.

Katharina Linda von Waigel[edit | edit source]

Katharina was Wend's party member. Initially he disliked her because she kept challenging him and his friends/harem to competitions. But he later changed his mind to pity and respect as the only 2 real differences between him and her was that her family was destroyed when she was young and that she was denied social standing due to being born a woman.

She later asks Wend to marry her, not only to be able to reinstate her noble house, but also because he is kind and is the only man to ever treat her in a decent manner. He accepts and even donates some of his territory to her.

Katia von Eulenberg[edit | edit source]

Katia was a solo adventurer who later became Wend's party member. She first meets Bell and the rest of his party during a joint wyvern subjugation request in the mountains of the Baumeister territory, which they complete successfully. Later on, they meet again while Wend was in the middle of important negotiations with Lord Eulenberg and Duke Bleichröder over the possible joint management of the newly-excavated tunnel connecting the Baumeister territory with Bleichröder's lands. It is then that Katia is revealed to actually be Lord Eulenberg's daughter, and the initial negotiations are subsequently derailed when she tries to solve their tunnel administration dilemma by outrageously proposing to hold a tournament open to all nobles in the kingdom, with her hand in marriage as well as the Eulenberg's stake in the tunnel as the main prize - provided that they can defeat her in combat.

Due to a lot of cajoling from his patron Duke Bleichröder, King Helmut, as well as the rest of his wives and friends, Wend decides to enter the tournament and eventually ends up as the grand champion after defeating Katia... solving his problems in one stroke and gaining another wife in the process.

Ever since getting married, Katia has become quite affectionate as she blushes whenever Wend complements her and when he says something that she can relate to. She affectionately calls him 'hubby'.

Louise Yorande Aorelia Oufelbeik[edit | edit source]

Louise was Wend's party member. She was the first one to confess her feelings to him but he always ignored it because he believed that they would never actually consider someone like him as a romantic interest. But after he gets engaged to Elise, she offers her body to him on his 13th birthday. He refuses to get intimate with her then, but promises her that he will marry her.

Compared to the rest of the harem, she is a lot closer to his line of thinking and they discuss a lot of things that aren't related to their relationship, such as scheming or their observances during their peeping on the naked bodies of other girls.

Iina Suzane Hirenbrant[edit | edit source]

Iina was Wend's party member. She was instantly attracted to him but she initially believed herself to be outside of his romantic consideration, until she offered her body to him on his 13th birthday. Wend refuses to progress further then and there, but he gives her his shirt to wear and promises that he will marry her one day.

Philine von Bleichröder[edit | edit source]

Philine is the legitimized daughter of Duke Bleichröder and the current fiancée of Wendelin.

Lisa Clemente Ulrique Exler[edit | edit source]

A famous adventurer and magician, who joins Wend's harem. She also served as Katia's mentor during her early adventurer career.

Amalie Mainbach[edit | edit source]

She is Wend's mistress and sister-in-law, having been married to his eldest brother, Kurt. After Kurt's death, Wend's father arranged for her to become his sex instructor but during their time together she ends up falling in love with him and vice-versa. With the approval of Wend's wives, she moves in with them as their mansion's housekeeper. Amalie continues to have a romantic relationship with Wend, and remains by his side.

Duchess Therese Sigrid von Philip[edit | edit source]

Before she became one of Wend's mistress, she was in fact in line to become the empress of the Holy Empire Urquhart. Therese was to be executed after the fallout of civil war and the subsequent political scandal within the Holy Empire itself. Wend rescues her from her fate, and she fled the country in exile. She would become his mistress as well as mentor in the revenue of politics and diplomacy. Like Amalie and Lisa, Therese is one of older members of Wend's harem.

Rhodrich[edit | edit source]

Rhodrich is Wend's chief retainer who governs his estate in Stadtburg. He is a huge admirer of Wend and serves him loyally. He has dedicated his life to see Wend achieve even more greatness. Rhodrich's family ties in as a merchant meant he was well versed in accounting, administrating and general managing of all essential items within an estate. His pedigree as a former champion within the Spear division only heighten his value even more to Wendelin.

Klimt Kristoff von Armstrong[edit | edit source]

He is Head Magician of the Helmut Kingdom, childhood friend & personal confident to the king, Helmut the 37th, a former rival to the late Alfred Reinford, and uncle (with his sister being the mother) to Wend's first legal wife Elise Katharina von Hohenheim. Lastly, also amongst a long line of mentorship & teacher to Wend's ever growing magic capacity.

Brantark Ringstat[edit | edit source]

Brantark is the first teacher to Wend's mentor Alfred Reinford. While Brantark's mana capacity is far less compare to that of Wend, Alfred & Klimt, his vast knowledge and experience often balance out the differences. Brantark also has the uncanny ability to sense other mages whom he had met over long distances over the continent. He too is an avid adventurer whom have many accomplished deeds on his belt, including the slaying of a fire dragon during his early trials. He would later become a retainer and resident head mage to Margrave Bleichröder.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Past Life[edit | edit source]

  • The name Shingo means "prudent, careful" (慎) (shin) and "I, me" (吾) (go).
  • Shingo's surname Ichinomiya means "one" (一) (ichi) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite currently living in another world as Wendelin, Shingo actually still exists as himself back on Earth.
  • By the age of 18, Wend has one of the largest "legitimate" harems in the kingdom consisting of:
    • 14 wives
    • 3 fiancées
    • 2 mistresses
  • Wend's total number of legitimate progeny is on par for a noble of his standing, sitting at 23; at least one child with each of his wives and mistresses.
  • Due to his large family, Wendelin will have a considerable amount of headaches when his children grow up (considering the ridiculous pressure and manipulation of nobles' lives).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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