Wilmal Etol von Asgahan


Wilmal has pink hair and wields a 2m long double sided battle axe.


Wilmal is a glutton with poor mileage. She's unexpectedly sensitive about her surroundings.

She also has very little personality, due to spending the vast majority of her life looking for and eating food. This in turn cause her to be very pure psychologically, not knowing the meaning of terms such as "womanizing" or "attending to all your needs", even seeing bathing together naked as something not to be embarrassed about.

But Well's and Elise's efforts do put some color into her personality.


She was born the daughter of a poor Baronet born with a rare condition called Hero's disease, which multiplied her metabolism many times over, to the point where 1 silver plate (1,000 USD equivalent) isn't enough money to buy her dinner.

Realizing this, she abandoned her family and sold herself into the service of the family of the minister of defense who then took her in and trained her, eventually pushing her into Well's party/harem.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Due to Hero's disease, she is capable of transforming mana into physical prowess many times more efficiently compared to other mages, to the point where she, despite having no more mana than the average intermediate mage, can compete with armstrong in physical battles. She is also capable of compressing her mana into being able to kill a dragon class opponent with a single blow.

Due to her disease, she has learned to effectively hunt in any environment due to not always being provided with the food she needs to live.


Wendelin von Benno Baumeister Edit

She becomes Wendelin's wife.

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Katharina Linda von Waigel Edit

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  • When Wend marries all five wives, Wilma is the only one who is underage. Adult in this world is considered 15, and the marriage takes place when Wend has just turned 16. The other wives are all either 15 or 16, but Wilma is either 12 or 13 at the time.
  • Wilma was not originally as high-ranking among nobility, being the daughter of a retainer, but because she was adopted as a daughter into the family of the high-ranking minister to which her family was the retainer, her seniority among the wives is higher. She is below Elise as the first/legal wife, but ranks second, above Katharina, who came from a fallen Knight peerage (but holds the honorary title of Baronet at the time of the wedding).


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